What is Interreligious Dialogue?

Dialogue implies speaking and listening, giving and receiving,

mutual growth and enrichment.

It is based on witness to one’s faith as well as openness to the religion of another. It is not a betrayal of the mission of the Church, nor is it a new method of conversion to Christianity.

Dialogue includes promoting respect, mutual understanding, and collaboration between Catholics and the followers of others religious traditions; encouraging the study of religions; and promoting the formation of persons dedicated to dialogue.

The ecumenical dimension of interreligious dialogue is an important aspect of the Council’s approach. The PCID has an ongoing relationship with the World Council of Churches and collaborates on initiatives in study and promotion of interreligious dialogue.

The document Nostra Aetate (In Our Age) provides Catholics with principles for engaging in interreligious dialogue.

Major Catholic Documents on Interreligious Dialogue