Sample Articles from Pro Dialogo Journal

“How Laudato Sì Moves Interreligious Dialogue Forward” -Cardinal Miguel Angel Ayuso, 2020/3 Issue

“The Path of Nonviolence of the Buddha” -Dr. Rey-Sheng Herl Tzuchi, 2018/1 Issue

“Challenges to Members of Different Religious Traditions and African Civil Society” -Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, 2013/3 issue

“Women Educate to Achieve Universal Fraternity: A Biblical and Sapiential Reflection” -Prof. Nuria Calduch-Benages, 2017/1 issue

Pro Dialogo Information

The Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue publishes a scholarly journal that also chronicles, on a tri-annual basis, the activities of the dicastery. Perspectives on current issues from followers of different religions can be found within its pages. Pro Dialogo also provides the Holy Father’s teachings and comments on interreligious dialogue, human fraternity, and related topics.

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