International Day of Human Fraternity

February 4

We have the opportunity to build better world: US President

By Staff Writer, WAM (Emirates News Agency)

President of the United States Joe Biden has issued a statement urging all peoples to come together across divides in cooperation to overcome global challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and climate crisis, “to build a better world that upholds universal human rights, lifts every human being, and advances peace and security for all.” In a statement on the International Day of Human Fraternity, marked on 4th February, President Biden said, “From the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and the existential climate crisis to the rise of violence around the world, these challenges require global cooperation from people of all backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and beliefs. They require us to speak with one another in open dialogue to promote tolerance, inclusion, and understanding.” President Biden continued, “In my life, faith has always been a beacon of hope and a calling to purpose even during the darkest days. Sacred teachings across faith traditions command that we love one another, serve and protect the most vulnerable, and uphold the dignity of every person, which is what the International Day of Human Fraternity is all about.

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