Mr. Mohamed Nader Elsayed Mohamed Magar


I would like to immensely thank the Nostra Aetate Foundation for providing me such a unique opportunity to study Christianity and better understand its nexus with other religions. It was a great pleasure for me that I was accepted and had the opportunity to learn more about the foundation and its mission in making our world more coherent. Following my studies, I became motivated to publish and transfer the knowledge and skills I gained during my studies with the local communities and other peers in order to promote coexistence, peace and acceptance in my society.

I would like to thank the President and all the collaborators of the Nostra Aetate Foundation, whose mentorship allowed me to better understand the course and cope with a new field of studies. The staff at PCID made sure that I integrated into the program quickly by answering all my inquiries and ensuring that I visited different and key locations (including relevant religious institutions and churches) to support my understanding of the program.

This scholarship has been a milestone in my both personal and professional career.