Dicastery Collaborators Share Their Stories on Video

By DID Staff

15 June 2023

A terrifying encounter that turns into a moment of human understanding; experiencing a Buddhist temple for the first time; a conversation about the meaning of fasting with a Muslim woman; a collaboration to foster peace in an area fraught with religious conflict…

These are some of the interreligious experiences recounted by collaborators of the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue in a new series of videos on the topic “Stories of interreligious dialogue.”

The Dicastery works to support the work of dialogue that is happening around the globe. These videos were created with the hope of sparking more awareness of how interreligious dialogue can be lived in concrete situations.

The Dicastery is publishing the first two videos and will continue to publish a video every succeeding month.

The series begins with the testimonies of Ms. Nicoletta Bernasconi, Consultor for the Dicastery and member of the Focolare movement and Bishop James Massa, a Member of the Dicastery and Rectory of St. Joseph Seminary in Yonkers, New York.