PDF Dialogue dans la verite et la charite
PDF Dialogo nella verita e nella carita
PDF Dialogue in Truth and Charity

Dialogue in Truth and Charity

from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue

19 May 2014

“Interreligious dialogue, by its very nature, adapts to local cultures, traditions, languages and worldviews. Partners in dialogue need to be acquainted with these as well as with the local sensibilities and sensitivities to be better able to promote meaningful encounter and collaboration with one another. Considering recent proliferation of interreligious initiatives, discernment is necessary. There is need for sound theological formation and information, both of which are an important foundation for right discernment. Catholics engaged in interreligious dialogue are encouraged to build on the recommendations provided in this booklet, always bearing in mind their local context and implementing them in the light and the spirit of the teaching of the Catholic Church.”  (from the Conclusion)

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